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Wild Nature Experience 

there is a spectacular wild world to live.

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Our passion, your enjoyment in the authentic wild nature

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We are professional organizers creating unique and unforgettable experiences bringing you closer to wild nature around the world from 2005, specialising in Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Argentina and Africa.


Our Wild Nature Experiences offers all kinds of tailor made, authentic experiences for enthusiasts of the wildest and most real nature, enjoy the field in all its splendour.


We have travel alternatives of all kinds. Disconnect from the civilized world and enter inside the spectacular animal and natural world in the most exclusive places, fabulous local cuisine, luxury accommodation, close and personalized treatment from the very first moment…


Once you choose the Wild Experience for you to enjoy, we start working for you, flights, hotels,  glam camps, gastronomy, Wild animals, bird watching, small or big game, youth “wild” camps, language camps, transport, Wild 4x4 experience, Wild Yoga, Wild events, mandatory fishing or hunting permits and insurances… are just some examples of what we offer.


All of our services are sustainable and Eco friendly with wildlife, we respect and take care of nature in order to enjoy experiences and expeditions around the world watching real wild fauna in their own habitat.

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Logo WNE_parafondonegro.png

Save your dates now. Real Nature is waiting for you…

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